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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

About PFMA

Chairman PFMA

I extend my heartiest compliments to the core editorial team of the Pakistan Foot Wear Magazine for taking the initiative to publish a magazine for the promotion of the footwear industry and effectively spotlighting their issues. It is a matter of agony that the history of Pakistan Foot Wear is as old as Pakistan is; but, still, this industry is not the backbone of the economy. Despite having numerous advantages Pakistan has not been able to make a mark in the global footwear industry All other countries in the region are exporting much more. It is a job-oriented sector employing a very large segment of the society besides earning foreign exchange for the country.

The mission of PFMA is to promote and enhance the growth and development of the footwear industry in Pakistan while striving to provide value for our members and uphold their interests. It is an industry with a significant number of industry players, we continue to act as a focal point for them to obtain information on the latest industry trends and designs, and at the same time to help them generate new trade opportunities and adopt innovations for greater growth. Footwear manufacturers of Pakistan have requested the government to draft a workable plan for the footwear segment in a bid to boost Pakistan’s export base as well as meet domestic production target.

Lt Col Ahmed Fawad Farooq (R)

Chief in Editor

It is a matter of sheer pride and delight to introduce this first edition. We intend to make it a regular quarterly publication to keep you in touch with news and developments related to the Foot Wear Industry. As they say, a successful person is that who learns from other people’s experiences. In our publication, we have shared the interviews with those who strive the hard way to make their footwear industry a prosperous unit. Their experiences may be food for thought for those who intend to come into this industry or might have useful tips for those who are already in the footwear business. The publication will also carry the suggestions and innovative ideas from the entrepreneurs related to this industry, which may be helpful for those sitting in the government at the helm of affairs to make plans to lift the footwear industry. We have well chalked out the circulation of the magazine that it must reach every eye which matters. Our goal is to assist the Foot Wear Industry to overcome the barriers which prevent certain industries to fetch a lucrative export market by sounding their voice through our publication.

Throughout each issue, there will be descriptions and photographs of events within the footwear industry during the various quarters, and announcements of upcoming happenings in the footwear industry. Quarterly, the magazine will also feature various communities ‘‘ OUT REACH ACTIVITIES’ ‘conducted by various footwear industry globally and locally to enhance awareness and vision to understand pragmatic issues of the footwear industry.

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