Pakistan Shoe Design Hub is a Design Development Center bridges between Pakistan Footwear Industry and their skill & quality development. PSDH specially support developing and upcoming brands, individual entrepreneurs & freelance designers in term of latest technology, marketing and business planning to enhance their reach to the international market. We regularly conduct computer aided footwear designing courses (Shoe Master 2D/3D & creative) with latest technology like 3D Scanner, 3D printer, 2D digitizer, Oscillating knife cutter and plotter to develop industry, individual entrepreneurs to place and firm their position in the global scenario.
Pakistan Footwear Bussiness Study Center support and share research and development to the industry.
PSDH has form a club of local and foran footwear designers to network beyond the boarder limitation and share their expertise to benefit each other.
We are also committed to support individual entrepreneurs and Freelance Designers at their developing stage to apply better business planning, marketing and manufacturing techniques to avoid draining their talent, passion and resources.
“Our commitment is to strengthen Pakistan Footwear Industry”

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6-F Rehman Business Center 32-B-III,Gulberg III, Lahore, 54660. Pakistan